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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Oh, god.
It was six years and nine months ago that I said goodbye to meat.
I didn't eat seafood until 2 years later.
It has been so long since I remember what meat tastes like. I smell it and that brings back the flavor, but I don't really remember it very well.
ANYWAY, STORY IS in Paris, I'm being tempted by none other than STEAK FRITES.

I've been to brazilian rodizios, I've been to steakhouses in Argentina, I toured southeast Asia, I've seen tasty meat everywhere and never did I feel like I should just a have a little piece of steak or chicken until PARIS.

I don't know if it has to do with my French 1 textbooks from 7th grade (Au bistro...oui, monsieur, je voudrais une orangina et un steak-frites, s'il vous plait!) that made steak-frites the dish to have in France or if the lack of protein in my poor man's diet of tabouleh and cheese with a little salad here and there is making me crave the mother of all proteins: COW.

Part of me feels kind of excited (what will it feel like when I have meat for the first time after almost seven years? will I still like it? will I enjoy it?) but also sad because it's a part of who I've been for so long (can I really eat a piece of a cow? can I really do that, just because it looks good? won't I puke afterward?).

We'll see who wins.
Me or the steak-frites.

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